Drake's Chapel United Methodist Church

                    News of 
       August 12  -   17,  2018 

  'A Country Church of Caring People, Reaching Out to Encourage Others to Know Christ and His Love.' 
   Such a glorious, cooler morning to gather for fellowship and worship on this Sunday in our serene little country church.

Announcements and Blessings:
-  Pastor Margie has had her last cancer treatment.  She will return to the Dr for evaluation soon.
-  Thank You to Kelli Jenkins for bringing us the message today.  Marion led our service, assisted by Kent with prayer needs.

Health and Prayer Concerns: 
  Those needing our prayers:
-  For our little friend Quinn, keep her in our prayers.
-  Wayne is home recuperating from surgery.
-  Don is still dealing with several health issues, always has a bright outlook on life.
-  Guidance for our political leaders.
-  Those suffering due to unemployment.
-  Comfort and courage for those serving in the military and their families.

Worship Service:
Scripture this week is from Deut 4:5-6  --    
  "So pay attention, I am teaching all of you the regulations and the case laws exactly as the Lord my God commanded me.  You must do these in the land you are entering to possess.  Keep them faithfully because that will show your wisdom and insight to the nations who will hear about all these regulations.  They will say, "Surely this great nation is a wise and insightful people."  
   BACK TO SCHOOL  was the title of Kelli's message this week and that sometimes the community must help all students with school supply needs on The List. 
She pointed out the differences in Elementary: where children are most concerned with trying to fit-in and just have a friend.
Middle school: where changing bodies are concentrating on finding out who they are.
And High School: where being part of a tribe or deciding to 'go it alone' may be their social goal.
   We are all teachers and should take our cues from our greatest teacher, Jesus.  Knowledge with a large amount of hope and love will help us to teach the important principles of life, with integrity.
   Be the Light in a Dark World of ignorance. Light, the weapon against darkness.  Conduct yourself appropriately, show the world what a true Christian is; moderation in ways of the world and things that can turn your attention from God's plan for you. ---   Don't Burn Out  ---           

Jesus had a wonderful way of accepting, we should strive to do this, too.   We should:
  Do no harm, Do good, Stay in love with God                                                                     Amen !     
    Join to hear
words of love and encouragement,  with inspired preaching from God's word;  where you can build your own relationship with our Lord, Jesus, the members of Drakes Chapel welcome you for Sunday worship.

 Fellowship begins at
8 am with coffee and pastries.
                  Worship begins at
8:30 am.
For more information call –
            Pastor Margie @ 816-699-5605

-- Worship Scriptures --

Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Scripture for August 19th, 2018

     2 Samuel 18:5-9, 15, 31-33
Psalm 130   (UMH 848)
     Ephesians  4:25 - 5:2
John 6:35, 41-51


  August 12, 19, 26
        Sunday Fellowship        -   
8:00 am 
Sunday Worship Service  -   8:30 am

--  Choose a date - Meeting of Pastor Parish Relationship committee to start the annual Charge Conference paperwork 

--  There will be a Fish Fry   Sept. 28
  More details and time will be posted later


1st Sunday of each month   - 
    Freewill "Love Thy Neighbor"
               donations to help others

Shepherd's Closet is in need of all food items, please donate non-perishable foods as you are able.  Donated items are given to persons in need on the last Friday of each month through  the Calhoun UMC.

--- Outreach Ministry Opportunities ---

   --  Items to bring to church on any Sunday  --

---   Donate used pairs of Eyeglasses
---   Save your used Printer Ink Cartridges and
         old Cell Phones for recycling, to benefit
                  Clinton Christian Academy